Office supplies & Print solutions in Worcestershire and Warwickshire
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About Us

Westhilldirect specialises in end-to-end procurement of business supplies and services for offices, warehouses, schools, hospitals and airports all over the UK. 
It's the power of ONE supplier for Print, Packaging, Washroom and Warehouse Facilities, Protective Workwear which can also be embroidered, Promotional items, Confidential Shredding, Furniture and Acoustic Desk Screens, Office Supplies and Toners, even Beverages and Biscuits.
We understand what it's like to run a company, and have done so for over 34 years now. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to keep costs down and improve efficiency for our own business, and so we aim to do the same for our customers. At the heart of Westhilldirect are values of: integrity, trust, friendliness, excellent customer service, teamwork and openness. This personifies who we are and what we aim towards every day. Our flexible, 'can do' approach is tailored to your company's requirements, to give you a complete business solution.
So... connect, call, email and let’s chat further to determine if both of our companies could mutually benefit from a business relationship.
Neil Green
Managing Director